2022 Vendor Map
Lucia Crepes Jelldshop Chocoparadise Woodstock Pretzel Company Country Sweets Tunisian Touch Soul Stone Junkie Love Chimney Cake Sak of Nutz Winterborn Alpaca Theraputic Solutions Jodi Melissa Le Glacé Empanada Zona CBD Oil Rickey's Jerky MasterTea Factory The Fast Turtle Corporation Flaky Not Flaky Amazing Light INC Munich Events Group Munich Events Group Lisa's Creperie Das Sweet Treat Hut Rachel's Best Soaps Mattie's Chocolate RAW Body Essentials Pacific Soul Dare to Ramble Dazies Treasures Festival King Tea Sampling

Lucia Crepes

Lucia Crepes


Jelld products are originally designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans from genuine leather.


Chocoparadise offers hand-crafted chocolate tools and gifts.

Woodstock Pretzel Company

A family owned and operated company whose heart is to love God, love people, and love pretzels.

Country Sweets

All our honey is raw honey. It come from where the bees pollinating on specific flowers.

Tunisian Touch

These olive wood pieces (Olivenholz) are hand carved by Tunisian artisans from the wood of centuries old olive trees.

Soul Stone Junkie

What began as a small pop up 7 years ago is now the mama shop of Bohemia – a traveling crew loaded with stones, smudge, and big dreams!

Love Chimney Cake

The dough for Trdelnik is prepared according to the original closely guarded recipe.  After it has been baked, the pastry is coated with a mixture of sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and almonds. Today, you can also enjoy it with its inside coated with Nutella, caramel, marmalade or jam and/or filled with fruit, whipped cream or ice cream.

Sak of Nutz

Like Nuts? Look no further – At Sak of Nutz, we’ve been sharing our delicious, vanilla aroma and tasty, fresh, glazed nuts with people for a long time.

Winterborn Alpaca

Using premium alpaca fleece, Winterborn Alpaca works in partnership with South American artisans in efforts to preserve traditional methods of production of socks, mittens, clothing, and other gifts.

Theraputic Solutions

At Infinity Pax we are dedicated to helping you live a pain free life naturally.

Jodi Melissa

Unique, eco-friendly, luxury resort wear.

Le Glacé

Glacé in French is translated as ice; highly polished surface, glossy…unbreakable. Women who wear Le Glacé garments are confident and cool whether in work, play or relaxation.


Zona CBD Oil

ZONA is your #1 choice for full spectrum, all-natural & straight from the plant CBD oil. Experience The Power Of The Plant!

Rickey's Jerky

MasterTea Factory

Inspired by new ingredients, trends and new ways of preparation, we offer you a manifold spectrum of optical and taste innovations. We promise you “a smile with every cup."

The Fast Turtle Corporation

THE FAST TURTLE is a retail company which is selling unusual, unique and rare items.

Flaky Not Flaky

Local, Family-owned Bake Shoppe and Chocolatarium

Amazing Light INC

Munich Events Group

Authentic German Glühwein. Be sure to grab your Glühwein mug from the info booth!

Munich Events Group

German meats, fries, and more.

Lisa's Creperie

Authentic French Crêpes & Café

Das Sweet Treat Hut


Rachel's Best Soaps

Rachel’s Best Soaps is the result of one lady, inspired by her community, to offer wholesome self-care goods.

Mattie's Chocolate

Chocolate that melts your heart.

RAW Body Essentials

R.A.W., Reviving Authentic Wellness, Body Essentials is a plant-based and sustainable skincare, vegan aromatic, and pet care line originating in Hawaii.

Pacific Soul

Handmade fair trade items from Indonesia personally collected by us.

Dare to Ramble

Nuts and tasty treats!

Dazies Treasures

Sleek fashion beauty with African Traditional Clothing

Festival King

Tea Sampling